Yuto Tajima

Yuto Tajima


After graduating from a vocational school in Kyoto, I joined the hair salon Ohno in search of first-class technology and customer service.
I worked for 6 years at the Imperial Hotel store and refined my skills and customer service.
We are good at grooming menus such as shaving and spa as well as cut, color and perm.
Especially shaving is bridal shaving at the Imperial Hotel store.
I was in charge of many shavings on arms and back and helped on a bridal day.
The result was bought by the manager, Kanamaru, and I decided to work to establish bridal shaving at this New Otani Osaka store.
On holidays, I often go to hot springs, gourmets, and movies.
The special skill is “to find happiness in small things”. Recently, I was amazed by 100% beef hamburger (2000 yen) in my neighborhood.